An Exclusive Conference: Wroclaw Agile Day

An Exclusive Conference: Wroclaw Agile Day

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I should say from the start: this blog post probably has a limited audience, but I am just so excited, I need to share it.

Around this time last year, we had recently hired quite a lot of new people in our Wroclaw office in Poland.  We had decided to do a full day of Agile Training as an additional induction for them.

We wanted to ensure all our employees at our Wroclaw office in Poland understood our values as a company, and as a development team.  Rob LambertDan Phipps, Melisa Collett & I covered the speaking and workshop topics. We also had a “lightning talks” section, to which anyone could contribute.  This was probably my favourite section.

You know the kind of stories where the second paragraph is:  “well, it all went horribly wrong”?  Or “it quickly spiralled out of control and ended in recriminations and regret”?   Well, this is NOT one of those stories!

It was such an awesome idea, and it was so well received, that whilst it DID spiral fast, it was not out of control.  Nor did it end in recrimination and regret.  (Well, the after-party may have included some regrets, but, hey, that always happens, right? 🙂 ).

We had absolutely the best time!

This is what we covered at last year’s conference:

Agile – Why would you do it?The history of NewVoiceMedia Agile
Agile RolesWhat roles are there in agile, and who does what (workshop)
Agile CeremoniesWhat ceremonies are there, and which one is the most important…
Process Improvement and the Toyota KataWhat we can learn from the improvement Kata
Pair Working – its not just for developersPair working is important for all of us
Written CommunicationWords Can Change The World – Tone Of Voice & Clear Writing  (workshop)
Non-Verbal CommunicationNon-Verbal Communication – An introduction to a super-power
Dots GameThe game we use during NVM general induction day.  It compares agile working versus more traditional software development (workshop)
#Early or #Often – Integrating ContinuouslyTaking a look at different aspects of integration and when and why you should be doing them

And here are some photos of last year’s conference:

Why Am I Talking of Last Year Now?

So why am I taking this trip down memory lane?  Well, we are doing it again, only this time it will be bigger and better!

And here is my favourite bit:  It will also have a (very) few tickets available FOR FREE to people outside of NewVoiceMedia.

So do you fancy being our guest?  Would you like to join NVM’s Wroclaw Agile Day?  To enjoy sessions in either the technical track or the agilist track?

We have international award winning conference speakers (luckily they already work for NewVoiceMedia :).  We have talks, workshops, and plenty of time to chat between sessions and over lunch.

If you would like to know as soon as tickets are available (did I say their was only a few available?) ping me an email  Or you could drop me a message in the comments section here.

I’ll make sure you get an email from me with a link to the ticket system, and the date they will be released.   I can also let you know what the agenda looks like as we finalise the talks & workshops.

You will literally be the first to know!

As I said before:  the tickets are free, you will be our guest for the day, and we have nothing to sell you either!

Update:  I had expected to add in a link to Eventbright here for tickets….I haven’t done so because the interest was so great that all the tickets went in the first few hours (congratulations if you were one of the lucky 90 or so who got a ticket).

Whilst we are thrilled about that, I am so sorry if you weren’t one of the lucky ones, I know disappointment sucks!

On the other hand, this is shaping up to be a great event, so we just might repeat it next year…I promise to let you know right here if that happens!


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