Volunteering Not To Hire Students

Mock Interviews for 6th Formers at Sexey’s School, Bruton A couple of weeks ago I spent an afternoon interviewing 6th formers who had no intention of accepting work.  This was lucky really, as I was interviewing them with no position to offer them anyway. ​Inspiring the Future is a charity.   It runs a scheme where … Read moreVolunteering Not To Hire Students

The Simplicity & Complexity of Coaching People

via Twitter http://ift.tt/1stKvhu Also: a carton of ribena & a snickers bar from the vending machine have most of the necessary food groups to keep you going #tipsfornewdocs — Kevin Fong (@Kevin_Fong) August 6, 2014 Why a single tweet from a doctor I don’t know is pinned to my wall This tweet makes me smile. It encapsulates in … Read moreThe Simplicity & Complexity of Coaching People

3 Key Agile Metrics For A Team

What to look at, what to look for, and what it all means. Agile metrics, are lagging indicators of how the work has gone for a team in the past. Financial institutions are fond of pointing out that “past achievements are no guarantee of future performance”. This is true in agile teams too. At the … Read more3 Key Agile Metrics For A Team

The Importance of Asking a Better Question

Douglas Adams wrote in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy of a giant super computer that after many years of processing finally answered the question “what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?” It confirmed that the answer was in fact “42”. People were confused as it didn’t seem to be a sensible … Read moreThe Importance of Asking a Better Question

Responsibilities & Risk in an Agile Team

Giving Your Key Decision Makers Advice not Anxiety It’s a common belief that working in an agile way means you can deliver things faster.  Sometimes you can, but it’s an unreliable benefit. One element of agile that is reliable is that agile can give companies a more accurate picture of the development landscape as they … Read moreResponsibilities & Risk in an Agile Team