A Bit About Me

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My name is Helen Lisowski and this blog is an eclectic mix of thoughts and observations of human behaviour.  It covers my experiences as an agile coach, a scrum master and a human being.

I’ve been involved in agile for well over a decade in International Corporations to startups, and everything in between. I’m currently working at NewVoiceMedia where I’ve helped to transform the agile process from yearly releases to frequent releases.  I have been a human observing other humans for a lot longer than that.

I’ve been presenting, running workshops and writing for many years now, many of which I write about here.

My life is filled with questions about why we humans do what we do. Especially, why do we do things that are detrimental to ourselves? When I apply this curiosity and subsequent discoveries to my work with agile teams, I am forever astounded at the positive difference it makes.

Oh,  and I have a bit of an obsession with afternoon tea…

You can find me on twitter @helenlisowskion LinkedIn, and occasionally on Google+.

I don’t do facebook.

I would offer you an apology for the inconvenience of that, but honestly, I’m not sorry.  Not even a little bit.