I Loved Speaking at Agile Cymru, Here is Why

I’ve been to many a conference in my life – all sorts of them.  Agile Cymru however was my first time attending as a speaker. My Experiences I thought I knew what to expect before hand, but I walked away with some feelings I hadn’t anticipated. I had expected to feel and be made welcome, and I … Read moreI Loved Speaking at Agile Cymru, Here is Why

Resolving To Be Better (A New Year Retrospective)

Resolving To Be Better

This is really a sister post to A Christmas Retrospective I shared at the end of last year.  That one was about how to ask for help with a particular problem.  This time it is much more traditional in that it is team focussed and is to do with reviewing how good our habits are. In many cultures, … Read moreResolving To Be Better (A New Year Retrospective)

‘Beautiful Teams’ – People, Practices & Purpose

  My colleague @MelisaCollett and I set about writing a workshop to explore & appreciate the elements that make teams exceptional. We ran this session with the NewVoiceMedia Scrum Masters and this is a simple ‘How To’ guide if you wanted to do the same sort of thing. Inspiration came from this quote: “Beauty is due more … Read more‘Beautiful Teams’ – People, Practices & Purpose

Telling Lies, Making Friends

To run a great workshop you need your attendees to be engaged. Facilitators know that a workshop or training session needs open discussion and sharing to be effective.  Breaking the ice with a group of people you are about to start a workshop or training course with is a critical hurdle we all need to overcome. The quality of that introduction to each other … Read moreTelling Lies, Making Friends