Resolving To Be Better (A New Year Retrospective)

Resolving To Be Better

This is really a sister post to A Christmas Retrospective I shared at the end of last year.  That one was about how to ask for help with a particular problem.  This time it is much more traditional in that it is team focussed and is to do with reviewing how good our habits are. In many cultures, … Read moreResolving To Be Better (A New Year Retrospective)

Responsibilities & Risk in an Agile Team

Giving Your Key Decision Makers Advice not Anxiety It’s a common belief that working in an agile way means you can deliver things faster.  Sometimes you can, but it’s an unreliable benefit. One element of agile that is reliable is that agile can give companies a more accurate picture of the development landscape as they … Read moreResponsibilities & Risk in an Agile Team