Telling Lies, Making Friends

To run a great workshop you need your attendees to be engaged. Facilitators know that a workshop or training session needs open discussion and sharing to be effective.  Breaking the ice with a group of people you are about to start a workshop or training course with is a critical hurdle we all need to overcome. The quality of that introduction to each other … Read moreTelling Lies, Making Friends

Mind Control, Manipulation & Influence

If you knew you could control what someone thought, how they thought ….anyone at all….would you do it? Aside from the (hopefully) obvious moral implications of this, try it as just a thought exercise for a moment.  You could free this person of self-doubt, foster self-compassion, and help them be the very best version of themselves.  Maybe … Read moreMind Control, Manipulation & Influence

Please Don’t Rescue Me!

Scrum Masters rescue their teams, coaches rescue their charges, we rescue our peers all the time. Its just what kind and decent people do isn’t it? Some one asks for help, or perhaps doesn’t ask, but definitely needs help, and we use our skills to assist. How could this ever be a bad thing? Here are … Read morePlease Don’t Rescue Me!

The Simplicity & Complexity of Coaching People

via Twitter Also: a carton of ribena & a snickers bar from the vending machine have most of the necessary food groups to keep you going #tipsfornewdocs — Kevin Fong (@Kevin_Fong) August 6, 2014 Why a single tweet from a doctor I don’t know is pinned to my wall This tweet makes me smile. It encapsulates in … Read moreThe Simplicity & Complexity of Coaching People