Ice Bucket Challenge

1 minute

(but probably not the one you’re thinking of right now….)


To encourage self learning among Scrum Masters


  1. Unusual topics that you many not normally come across.
  2. A ‘deadline’ to deliver (no matter how ill-enforced) helps to drive some people.
  3. A matrix learning opportunity as you also see others present to you from their topic choice.
  4. Practice presentation & workshop building skills

How it works

We keep a big ‘bucket’ of interesting topics on a page on our Wiki.  These are some of the ‘ice’ (topics) we started out with:


You can re-use the topics as many times as you like, and re-interpret them each time.

Each Scrum Master picks a topic that they are personally interested in.  They commit to not only learning about that topic, but to bring it back to their colleagues.  They do this by offering a short talk or workshop to share what they have learned.

As a Scrum Master, you can work alone on a topic, or pair or team up with others as you choose.

The Scrum Master(s) pick a topic and decides how they will present what they have learned to others.  Then they book a slot in everyone’s calendar and deliver their presentation or workshop on their chosen topic.

“Ice” (ie topics of interest) can be added to the bucket at any time and by any one, although they tend to get added at the monthly meeting.


Not much really.  It’s a 30 minute meeting once a month to add new topics and review who delivered, and/or progress on our commitments.

Scrum Master’s ideally deliver something into the team between 3-6 times a year.