Scrum Master Dayz 2015 – Agenda Outline

2 minutes

This is the agenda we used for our first ever Scrum Master Dayz event.  You can read about various aspects of another we held here.

I have linked from the sessions below to blog posts where I have written on the subjects.

Who am I
2)team building
3)tone setting for the event
none  (social capital)All
Living the Development Values
1)To introduce / remind of the development team values
2)To examine how we uphold these as member of the scrum master team and separately as a scrum master of our feature teams
A list of topics that were voted ones we would like to learn more about.  These will be used as topics for our COI learning sessions in the coming monthsHelen
10 minute retrospectives
1)to review all existing meetings attended by scrum masters & to inspect & adapt each for increased value
2)to review “meetings” we might like to hold to assess potential value
1) New “Champions” for things like Lightning talks, Hoe down & COI to share the admin & ensure relevant & valuable content
2)Additional things pro-actively identified:
  a) Scrum Master Hackathon
  b) Informal Social media collaboration to share NVM Agile ideas both internally & externally (hopefully help with future recruitment)
3) book club – to help broaden reading and steer learning
4) video footage of each scrum master facilitating to be used for future coaching in 1:1s

All Scrum Masters to do one each

Ceremonies DiscussionTo train on anti-patterns most often seen at each of the ceremonies, & to share techniques to use in the field
1) better identification & handling of anti-patterns by all Scrum Masters
2) Scrum Master facilitated this session so the video will also be used to coach on presentation skills with him, and may be used to train Lorna or other new starters in the future.
Scrum Master
Make some noiseawareness training for what social media platforms NewVoiceMedia uses, and how we can use these to recruit great candidates into the scrum master team in the future.
1)”Champions” to help share content on each platform, and to act as mentor for a new adopter.
2) understanding  of social responsibility to NewVoiceMedia about what we share and how
Appreciative Inquiry
Session run by Rob Lambert
1) training as to using the Appreciative Inquiry technique
2) use this technique to do some stuff
*this session was disrupted by external things, meaning that the final section to drive out actions to move towards our goals has been scheduled for the next COI meeting.
It will give:
a set of goals and some actions to achieve those goals for us to work though for the coming year
5 WhysTraining for techniques on how to run a good 5 Whys, and some tips for asking better questions.
1) better & consistent 5 whys for all scrum masters
2) training in 5 whys technique for Weronika & Lorna
Impact Mapping
Working though impact mapping using an exampleNigel
Toyota Kata
Training / reminder of Toyota KataNigel
Short 15 minute Retrospective
To gather feedback on the 2 days from the attendees on:
Value (highest & lowest)
Enjoyment (highest & lowest)
This will be used to inform the content if we decide to repeat this event or similar again.Melisa