Learning Resources for Newbie Scrum Masters

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OK, apologies in advance – this is a way bigger list of stuff than I had intended 🙂  I was rushed to creating this collection as I wanted to support my blog post with some actual useful information for Newbie Scrum Masters – It got a bit out of hand, but hey, you’re bound to find SOMETHING you like in all of this!

Stuff on Agile



(I am newly getting into podcasts, so if you know of some that should be included here, please add a link in the comments – I need more!)


Dan North
Genius man, everything he says is awesome, this is just2 of his great talks 🙂  If you find other stuff, it won’t be a waste to watch them too.
Linda Rising
(any other stuff you come across of hers is worth viewing too)


Comedy videos demonstrating common patterns of undesirable behaviour in agile teams:

Not so funny, but still informative

Explanation of Kanban Terms: Collection of lots of useful Toyota type things in one place

(Toyota improvement kata, coaching kata etc)


Stuff on Behaviour

Youtube Videos:

LinkedIn Post:  – Karen Kimsey-House: Difficult Conversations as Opportunities



Here is a great article on what it means to build a beautiful team, and some ideas about how to support & maintain it.


Stuff that is really just so cool I feel the need to share it too

A few other blogs I read & recommend

Set yourself up with a feedly account and start collecting blogs that you like.

Try Manager Tools Podcasts ….really good content, a little old-school in their scenarios, but definitely good content. (Particularly try the podcasts on the feedback model.  They’ve done literally hundreds of podcasts, so don’t get too overwhelmed!)  They also do career-tools podcasts – you might like those too 🙂



Some great tools for working with distributed teams here.
 I mentioned keeping a journal in my blog post for newbie scrum masters – I personally am a fan of evernote, which I use for everything.

I really hope you find this useful, please do tell me of anything that you love that’s not on this list – myself and others will really thank you for it 🙂