A Collection of Resources, Ideas & Suggestions

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“Resources, Ideas & Suggestions” is a set of links to posts and pages that explain in essence ‘How To….’ for people who work as Scrum Masters or with agile teams.

Almost all of them link from other blog posts, but a few were originally set up as supporting content to workshops or talks I have given in the past.  Not wanting them to go to waste, I have gathered them all together in one place so they are easier to find.

Scrum Mastery

5 Essentials for a Newbie Scrum Master

5 Things Every Day to Help You Become a Better Scrum Master

How to Grow Beautiful Teams (from Agile Cymru, 2016)

Everything You Need to Teach a Feedback Workshop

Scrum Buddies! (Because we all need a little help sometimes)

3 Key Metrics of an Agile Team

Coaching & Personal Development

How to Create Your Own Guided Learning Plan

How to Level-Up Your Learning – What Next?

Read*, Learn, Grow

Community of Interest (Scrum Master teams)

Developing Scrum Master self learning & presentation skills