How To Create Your Own Guided Learning Plan

I recently wrote a guest post for Agile Cymru about how to get a habit for learning.  This week, I spoke to a wonderful Scrum Master Community about how they could each build their own personal development plans. It struck me that these 2 things are pieces in the same puzzle, and actually it would be great … Read moreHow To Create Your Own Guided Learning Plan

Hackathon Book – Complete First Chapter

A couple of weeks ago myself and 5 of my colleagues thought we’d attempt the biggest and boldest non-tech hackathon in the history of NewVoiceMedia. We decided to write a book and publish it. This is the first chapter, and its not a coincidence that this is one of the chapters I wrote 🙂 . … Read moreHackathon Book – Complete First Chapter

Scrum Master Dayz

Scrum Master Dayz.  Yes, with ‘z’. Firstly, sorry about the name – it was one of those jokey, place-holder things that accidentally stuck.  No one regrets it more than I, but this is now the second one we have run and I’m smart enough to recognise I no longer have any control over what it is … Read moreScrum Master Dayz

You’re New Here – Don’t Touch Anything!

I’ve been part of a team recruiting for Scrum Masters …well, pretty much since I joined NewVoiceMedia.  Now, for the first time since I joined we are about to be fully staffed (woohoo!).  This got me thinking about what advice I would give to new Scrum Masters when they join a new company, or just a new … Read moreYou’re New Here – Don’t Touch Anything!

5 Essentials for a Newbie Scrum Master

New Scrum Masters Should Ask For Help

My recent posts have all been on fairly deep behavioural themes so I thought it might be time to break it up a bit.  I have worked with several people in my career that I would class as ‘newbie’ scrum masters.  I still coach newbies at work and privately too, and as I always give … Read more5 Essentials for a Newbie Scrum Master