My First Ever Visit to Agile Tour London 2016

So many agile conferences!  What a wonderful world we live in 😉 I have playfully nick-named September-October this year as ‘Conference Season’.  Not everything falls within this time window, but a large majority does, so it was handy and allows me to say things like: “I’ll get to that after conference season” and they know … Read more

New Wroclaw Agile Day was ‘Epic’ Success!

We knew Wroclaw Agile Day was a great idea when we ran it last year. Last year it was just for the NVM Wroclaw office.  It’s main purpose was as a sort of induction.  We wanted to ensure the culture of agile working we enjoy at NewVoiceMedia was really understood and embraced by all our new starters.  We’d had quite … Read more