This is one of those posts I am writing purely because I find myself giving versions of this same advice time and again!   I’ve touched on the subject before; the importance of taking some time to observe when you first take on a new job or join a new team. Now I want to … Read more

Playing the Agile Game Needs to be Fun

We have played games for as long as humans have had a few minutes of spare time.  The first time we play any new game we start by asking:  what is the objective?  What are the rules (the constraints under which we agree to play). We ask these questions in order to understand how to … Read more

Your Journey to “better” is about you, not them

I recently read this article by Aurynn Shaw and it inspired me to write this blog post about our journey as agile practitioners. Aurynn’s article talks about how Dev culture has been (and still is to a degree and in some spaces) afflicted by elitism.  She explains wonderfully well why this is not in anyone’s best interests.  I strongly recommend the article. (Thanks … Read more