How to Grow Beautiful Teams – references & resources

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This page is for those who attended my workshop on ‘How to Grow Beautiful Teams’ at Agile Cymru, July 2016.

These are more detailed explanations and notes about how to run many of the workshops we spoke about and tried out during that session.

Section 1 – I have a group of individual people I want to build into a team

Everything You Need to Teach a Feedback WorkshopFeedback Workshop



5 Whys

Lie To MeLie to Me


Section 2 – I have a team member who just doesn’t ‘fit’

Stereotype practical


Section 3 – I have a good team, how do I help them become a great team?

Toyota Improvement Kata

Who Are you (w'shop)Self-Awareness workshop (courtesy of my fellow Agile Coach at NewVoiceMedia, Melisa Collett)




HabitScrum Buddies!




Death Sims.Death Sims




I hope you enjoyed the workshop, and  have some interesting ideas to take back to the teams you work with 🙂