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I write for Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches at all experience levels. I also often write about personal development ideas too.  Because I often write about things I have recently done, it means there is usually a new post every week.  It also means it can be a bit overwhelming to find something you like when you’re here for the first time!

To try and make this easier for first time, and irregular visitors, I have created several groups of starter posts.  Or you can jump straight to what you want using the menu at the top or the categories on the right hand side of the blog page.

The 10 Most Popular Posts

  1. How to Use a Bullet Journal for Scrum Masters
  2. How to Do Your Own Personal Retrospective for the End of Year
  3. Why Rules Are Made To Be Broken
  4. 5 Things Every Day to Help You Become a Better Scrum Master
  5. (Why You Must) Read*, Learn, Grow
  6. Scrum Master Dayz
  7. Resolving to Be Better (a New Year Retrospective)
  8. You’re New Here – Don’t Touch Anything!
  9. How to Change Your World with 20 Seconds of Insane Courage
  10. Scrum Buddies! (Because we all need a little help sometimes)

Posts About Beginning as a Scrum Master

  1. What is it like transitioning to be a Scrum Master?
  2. You’re New Here – Don’t Touch Anything!
  3. 5 Things Everyday to Help You Become a Better Scrum Master
  4. My No 1 Team (guest post by Anna Linke)
  5. 5 Essentials for a Newbie Scrum Master
  6. 3 Key Metrics of an Agile Team

Creating a Community of Scrum Masters

“How to…” Workshops & Learning Sessions for Agile Teams

  1. Using the “Chaos Lottery” (formerly known as “Death Sims”) – How to help a team match their words & actions
  2. Everything You Need to Teach a Feedback Workshop
  3. A Christmas Retrospective
  4. Resolving to be Better (A New Year Retro)
  5. Telling Lies, Making Friends (Breaking the ice)

Personal Development