My First Ever Visit to Agile Tour London 2016

So many agile conferences!  What a wonderful world we live in 😉 I have playfully nick-named September-October this year as ‘Conference Season’.  Not everything falls within this time window, but a large majority does, so it was handy and allows me to say things like: “I’ll get to that after conference season” and they know … Read more

What is it like transitioning to be a Scrum Master?

Some time ago, the Scrum Master Community at NewVoiceMedia played about a bit with some podcast ideas.  It was more about learning how to do it, rather than actually setting up a regular podcast in any way. I was reminded of this recently when I stumbled on the mini interview I had done with one … Read more

New Wroclaw Agile Day was ‘Epic’ Success!

We knew Wroclaw Agile Day was a great idea when we ran it last year. Last year it was just for the NVM Wroclaw office.  It’s main purpose was as a sort of induction.  We wanted to ensure the culture of agile working we enjoy at NewVoiceMedia was really understood and embraced by all our new starters.  We’d had quite … Read more

Your Journey to “better” is about you, not them

I recently read this article by Aurynn Shaw and it inspired me to write this blog post about our journey as agile practitioners. Aurynn’s article talks about how Dev culture has been (and still is to a degree and in some spaces) afflicted by elitism.  She explains wonderfully well why this is not in anyone’s best interests.  I strongly recommend the article. (Thanks … Read more