What is it like transitioning to be a Scrum Master?

Some time ago, the Scrum Master Community at NewVoiceMedia played about a bit with some podcast ideas.  It was more about learning how to do it, rather than actually setting up a regular podcast in any way. I was reminded of this recently when I stumbled on the mini interview I had done with one … Read more

Death Sims – How to help a team match their words & actions

One of my sessions at Agile Cymru gave different workshops and exercises that were great for teams at different stages of their life cycle.  I talked about workshops for helping new teams feel comfortable and productive together.  I also talked through an exercise as an idea how to deal with team members who don’t seem to … Read more

Everything You Need to Teach a Feedback Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak to a group of lovely Scrum Masters about building a personal learning plan.  During our conversation I mentioned my feedback workshop.  This is great for opening discussion on what is often a difficult subject.  It is designed to show why giving feedback is important, and looks at which … Read more